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If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Florida, you will need to speak with a qualified Florida criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Taracks & Associates has been recognized locally and nationally for providing aggressive, effective defense strategies on behalf of the individuals who have been criminally accused.

Whether you face a minor misdemeanor or a major felony offense , our criminal defense attorney in Tampa is committed to helping you clear your name. It is our ultimate goal to help you walk away from court with a clear name and a clean slate.


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Overzealous law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges will have the predisposition to believe that you have committed the crime before you have stated your case. You will need to be confident that you are being represented by an aggressive Florida defense lawyer who has the knowledge necessary to fully protect you against your charges. Speak with us today.

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It has been well established that the skill of your attorney has a significant impact on the outcome in court. Most lawyers are knowledgeable of the law, but not all of them have the experience and talent in the courtroom environment that is needed when facing serious criminal charges. The legal team at our firm has extensive courtroom experience, and uses an aggressive approach in the defense of our clients. With an energetic and well-prepared defense case, you increase the possibility of a favorable case outcome.

Many people choose to plead “guilty” and never even have an attorney look into the details of their case. It is astonishing how many cases have viable options for the defense and could have been fought in court. A full review of all the evidence is the first step to a strong defense. You must act quickly as these cases move through the system rapidly.

There are many individuals serving time in prison today that are not guilty of the crime. Innocence is not enough – the prosecutor believes they have enough evidence to convict you, and you must take immediate action if you have been falsely accused. Our legal team will expose the truth and fight to get the case dismissed before moving further through the system.

Our state has very harsh punishments for criminal offenses. Many felony and misdemeanor charges include mandatory prison time. If you have been accused of a serious crime, without immediate defense actions it becomes more likely that you may spend time in prison. Contact our firm as soon as possible after your arrest.

A public defender is a defense attorney that is assigned to an individual’s case if that individual cannot afford or refuses to seek out legal representation. A major disadvantage in hiring a public defender is that this service is not personalized. These defense attorneys typically have larger caseloads than they can handle, leaving little time for them to focus on the details of your case. Even if you are innocent, a public defender may not bring a strong enough case to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

The major difference between these types of cases is the courts they are handled in. State cases are handled in state court and typically involve alleged criminal offenses against state laws. Federal cases are handled in federal court and typically involve criminal offenses against federal laws. Federal cases also involve federal investigators. Federal prosecutors have endless resources at their disposal which is why strong defense is even more vital in these types of cases.

You may be able to post bail so that you can get out of jail while awaiting your hearing. A judge will make a determination on the amount bail is set at based on the nature of your offense, your “flight risk” and the possible threat you pose to the community. Some jurisdictions have standardized bail amounts for particular offenses. In some cases involving extremely serious criminal offenses, bail will either not be an option or will be set at a high amount. Bail acts as a guarantee that you will return for your hearing.

A plea agreement (or plea arrangement) is an offer from the prosecution to the defense. Typically, this involves a guilty plea in exchange for reduced charges or a more favorable sentence. Accepting a plea agreement is not right for everyone. For example, your defense attorney may not advise you to accept a plea agreement if they believe that you have a good chance of going to trial and winning. A plea agreement can be a favorable option in some scenarios, but they should only be entered into after extensive counsel from a skilled Florida criminal defense lawyer.

In the state of Florida, no. Expungement (record clearing) is only possible for crimes that individuals have not been adjudicated guilty for. Expungement is beneficial for individuals who want to get criminal arrests and charges off of their record. Even if you have been declared “not guilty” of a crime, you may not meet eligibility requirements. It is important to discuss your case in depth with a Florida criminal defense attorney from our firm. In Florida, residents are only allotted one expungement during their lifetime.

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    In the time immediately following a criminal charge of any kind, it is absolutely imperative that you do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to protect your future against those that would seek to damage it. Although legally you are considered to be innocent until proven guilty, if you are facing a criminal charge, you will find that there are those that would not afford you this courtesy. Act today to protect your future!

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    Our reputation stems from our ability to handle even the most complex criminal cases. We are known for our legal prowess and knowledge and are able to assist whether the case takes place within or out of a courtroom. Start your defense by requesting a FREE consultation. We would be happy to discuss your case and determine how we can help you.

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    People facing criminal charges have many choices for defense counsel and a common misconception is that the service and expertise across this pool of attorneys is roughly the same. This is cannot be further from the truth. At our firm, we are proud to provide every one of our clients with a level of criminal defense few other firms can match. From simple traffic violations to federal RICO cases, our team of seasoned litigators has the experience needed to assess the circumstances of your case and provide you the options and strategies needed best resolve your legal issue.