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Florida Crystal Meth Charges

Florida is a tough State in their stance against drugs, including crystal meth. While other States in the Nation have come to demonstrate a more lenient approach in the prosecution and sentencing of those involved in the usage, possession, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs Florida remains quite harsh. Crystal Meth, or Crank as it is often called, is a drug that is closely related to many other crimes such as ID theft or robbery, and so is being heavily prosecuted against by law authorities and the court systems.

Many States in the Southeast, including Florida, are finding their judicial systems and prisons overflowing with Crystal Meth users or dealers. This growing tide of drug offenses often means that a swift court outcome is sought which is not usually the best outcome for the accused. Having an experienced Tampa drug crime attorney to work your case is very important.

Understanding the Charges Against You

A large part of the popularity of Crystal Meth is that it is one of the few drugs that can be easily manufactured by individuals, which often leads to legal issues requiring the expertise of a lawyer for drug possession in Tampa, FL. Even cannabis or marijuana requires relatively large growing spaces, indoors or out, and takes a period of time for a plant to grow and be harvested. Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth can be produced from everyday items obtained from public sources and requires rather simple equipment to produce.

The drug has been in existence for over 100 years and was first created from the chemical ephedrine, a common ingredient in household medical products. The attraction, beyond its stimulant powers, is the profit potential available. For less than $100 of product purchased locally an individual can realize over $1,000 in street value for the Crystal Meth.

This has caused a spread of its usage across every level of society. No longer largely contained within poorer socio-economic levels this drug is manufactured and in use at all levels. This translates into a growing wave of crimes such as identity theft, the passing of bad checks and robberies all in order to finance the crank habit. Society’s response has been to crack down hard and heavy on any aspect of the crystal meth trade.

Don’t take chances with your future if you have been charged with a Crystal Meth offense. Contact a Tampa crystal meth drug defense lawyer today.

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