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Driving Without a License Violations in Florida

If you are stopped for driving without a valid driver’s license in Florida, no matter what the reason, you may receive a second-degree misdemeanor charge. This is punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Although it is not as serious as other traffic violation charges, it is a criminal charge and can affect more than just your driving record and insurance. To ensure you do not suffer any unnecessary penalties, it is important that you immediately contact a Tampa driving without a license attorney at the offices of Taracks & Associates. We can review your case and the charges against you and advise you on your rights and the proper legal measures to follow.

There are several different situations that can arise when someone is found to be driving a vehicle without a license. They may have just never gotten a Florida (or any other state) driver’s license at all. This can usually be handled by simply by applying and obtaining a valid Florida driver’s license. It is a much more serious offense if they are driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked license. This offense has much heavier legal penalties, including fines, jail time and in some cases can be charged as a felony.

How an Experienced Traffic Offenses Attorney Can Help

If you have been cited for driving without a license ticket no matter what the circumstances are, you should get expert legal counsel to help you assess how to best proceed in order to protect yourself. We will review your entire driving record along with your current citation. Let our legal team help you understand what the best course of action is for you to follow. We are here for you and will help through each and every step until the matter is resolved.

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