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The act of taking another’s life is never a light matter but for that act to be considered murder it must involve “malice aforethought”. In simple terms this means that intent to kill or that the purpose of resulting death existed prior to the act. Determining that “malice aforethought” existed or was present can be critical part of defining a death as an act of murder or as manslaughter, which could be either voluntary or involuntary. As the degree of punishment can be substantially different this can be a critical part of any defense involving a loss of life.

As murder is one of the few crimes in Florida that permit a death penalty it is crucial that you seek the immediate help and representation of a Tampa murder defense lawyer from Taracks & Associates.

First Degree Murder Vs. Second Degree Murder

The difference between 1st degree murder and 2nd degree murder involves establishing the factor of a premeditated intention to take another’s life. The factor of time does not have to be a certain length and can in fact be just moments before the act took place. While any murder conviction can carry enormous monetary penalties and extensive time in prison, up to lifetime confinement, only a 1st degree murder conviction can deliver the death penalty.

The need to be attentive and aggressive on every detail of a criminal defense is never greater than when under the charge of murder. Your every legal right and protection must be vigorously pursued. Our success and history in defending individuals against the serious charge of murder is extensive and you will need that level of experience to build your defense.

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