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About Credit Card Fraud

In this day and age, most individuals are relying more and more on their credit cards to make purchases and pay bills. With the increased use of credit cards also comes an increase in credit card related crimes. In response to the increase in credit card crimes, the laws regulating the industry have become more restrictive and heavier punishments for those who violate any of the federal statutes.

It is very important to know that individuals accused of credit card fraud will be prosecuted aggressively. To protect yourself from aggressive prosecution, you should secure a competent Tampa federal defense attorney immediately if you have been accused of credit card fraud.

Specific Credit Card Fraud Offenses

There are many different types of credit card fraud each with specific punishments and repercussions. Some of the most common credit card offenses include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Stealing an individual’s credit card
  • Using a lost or stolen card
  • Misappropriation of credit card funds
  • Application fraud
  • Skimming
  • Fraudulent website scamming
  • Online or transnational credit card fraud

While there are many different types of fraudulent credit card activity, the best way to handle each one of these charges is to hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Get Help for Your Charges by Calling Our Federal Defense Lawyer in Tampa

At Taracks & Associates, we strongly believe that a fast and immediate response to an accusation of credit card fraud is absolutely essential to a successful outcome. With over 30 years of experience defending clients against credit card related offenses, our Tampa criminal defense lawyer knows what it takes to confront these charges successfully. If you face credit card fraud charges, do not hesitate to contact our firm immediately. Early action in these kinds of cases is absolutely critical. The more you wait to contact an attorney, the less chance you have of receiving a successful outcome. Your financial reputation and your future hang in the balance. Call our firm today.

Contact a Tampa credit card fraud attorney if you have been charged with credit card fraud.

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