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Are you a college student accused of DUI in Florida?

The Tampa Bay area is home to several major colleges and universities. For this reason, we often handle cases for college students who have been arrested and charged with drunk driving. In many ways, college DUIs are the same as regular DUIs, but there are some circumstances that are unique to college students when they are facing DUI charges. Taracks & Associates’ Tampa DUI attorney handles cases for college students at the following universities and other Tampa Bay universities not listed below:

  • University of South Florida
  • University of South Tampa
  • Stetson University College of Law
  • Saint Leo University

There are many factors that you should consider when hiring a DUI attorney. One of the primary characteristics that you want to look for is experience. Our firm has extensive experience with these types of cases, and knows specifically how to represent college and university students when they are facing DUI charges.

Collegiate Disciplinary Measures

In addition to criminal and administrative penalties that a might person will face after a DUI arrest, college students may also face disciplinary action at the university level. All school procedures differ when it comes to punishing students when they are arrested. Many universities place students on probation, and some schools will even completely expel a student for a DUI. If your school has a DUI disciplinary policy, then the Tampa DUI defense attorney at Taracks & Associates can assist in this area. On many occasions, we have accompanied students to their school board hearings.

Driver’s License Suspension & Commuting to School

Many college students do not live on campus, but commute to their classes and school events. If you are a commuter student who is reliant on your ability to drive, then a DUI can pose an additional threat to your education. Our firm can represent you at a DMV hearing to fight for your driving privileges. We also help college students who may have already lost their driving privileges obtain a hardship/restricted license so that they can at least drive to their college or university. As of July 1, 2013, first-time DUI offenders who are required to drive to school (or work) may not have to face any type of license suspension. Talk to a lawyer at our firm for more information.

Expunction of DUIs from Your Record

As a college student, you are pursuing an education so that you can have a successful career post-graduation or enter into a graduate program for further study. You do not want to have to graduate with a criminal arrest history. Having a DUI on your record could prevent you from gaining good employment or being accepted into a good graduate program. If you or your child was arrested for drunk driving, our firm can petition for a sealing (expunction) of their criminal records. However, only DUI arrests can be expunged, not convictions. This is why aggressive defense representation is essential.

Defense of Your College DUI Case

College is no doubt a huge investment. A DUI of any severity can compromise a student’s future and the financial investment they have already made toward pursuing their education. If you or your child is facing suspension, expulsion or a loss of your license that can impede your ability to commute to school, then our firm can step in and help.

A DUI charge can be devastating for anyone, but perhaps more so for a college student. At Taracks & Associates, our lawyer has handled this type of case many times before and we also have former prosecutors on our team. With our experience on your side, you can fight to get your DUI dismissed or reduced.

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