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Crack Charges in Florida

Crack, also known as crack cocaine, has experienced a huge growth in usage and distribution due to its quick high and relatively inexpensive production costs. It is normally dissolved and injected or smoked for direct inhalation into its lungs. In fact the word “crack” is thought to come from the cracking noise made in the process of heating the crystals for the purpose of inhalation. The point is that because it is relatively cheap to manufacture and distribute and as crack delivers a very quick, intense high the drug has become one of the most prosecuted in the nation.

Crack drug charges and prosecution are top ranking in terms of statistical incidences and so must be defended against with care and experience. It is in your best interests to immediately consult a Tampa drug crime lawyer if charges of crack possession, use, manufacture, or distribution are facing you.

Penalties for Crack Cocaine Drug Charges in Florida

The minimum level for a 1st degree felony designation for a cocaine related drug charge is 28 grams. This is not a large amount as a conversion to ounces means that one is discussing roughly one ounce. The penalty for the actual or constructive possession or the knowing sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery or importation of this amount is a mandatory prison sentence of three years and a monetary penalty of $50,000. As a 1st degree felony, the crime can remain on your record for years to come and severely impact your future life, social standing, and ability to earn a living. In such serious situations, consulting a Tampa drug possession attorney can provide crucial guidance and defense.

Maximum penalties for the possession of larger quantities of cocaine type drugs can carry mandatory imprisonment sentences of 15 years to a life sentence without opportunity for parole. In the case of a lethal result, death, then the penalty can be raised to a death sentence. Without doubt the heaviest penalties are levied against the charge of trafficking which normally would be automatically assigned should the amount in question exceed 150 kilograms.

An additional aspect of the law can automatically raise the conviction to one of a capital offense, meaning the death penalty can be given, when the amount exceeds 300 kilograms – even though a direct death or immediate lethal result did not occur. It is imperative that you enlist the counsel of an experienced Tampa drug crime attorney as soon as possible to fight your charges.

This is obviously a very serious crime and can cost you dearly. You must contact a Tampa drug defense lawyer immediately to start work on your case.

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