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PCP, a shortened version of a its very lengthy chemical name phenylcyclohexylpiperidine, also goes by various street names such as angel dust, supergrass or rocket fuel. Originally a patented pharmaceutical drug under Parke-Davis, PCP was developed for use as a surgical anesthetic after World War II but discontinued due to its many side effects.

Today the drug has found varying degrees of popularity as a street drug, primarily for its numbing sensation and hallucinogenic powers. It is very potent and not the least of its dangers is that it is often mixed with chemicals such as cyanide derivatives or embalming fluids.

The dangers associated with its use are a large part of their targeting as an illegal substance by law enforcement. Fighting any charges associated with PCP offenses requires an expert Tampa drug crime lawyer to effectively build a defense.

What to consider with PCP charges in Tampa

As an illegal substance PCP related offenses can be quite severe in this State. Depending upon this being your first offense and on the amount of possession it is possible to reduce the severity of the charge or to avoid prison time. This requires a criminal defense lawyer, specifically a lawyer for drug possession in Tampa, FL, with strong experience in defending individuals against drug charges and with a strong familiarity in courtroom trials. Ideally a background as a State Prosecutor is available to you. It is important to understand what can take place from both sides of defense and prosecution.

As Florida Laws are so harsh the potential for punishment on a drug charge can be high. Most drug convictions carry minimum mandatory prison time, that means that the court must assign you prison time if found guilty. As the amount of drug found in one’s possession increases so does the level of punishment that will be administered. At a certain level the amount automatically becomes a charge of trafficking and can even include classification as a capital crime, meaning a death sentence. The assumption is that a large quantity of drugs presumes the knowledge that a lethal result could occur, whether or not any death took place, and so it is a capital offense.

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