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Mail Fraud Charges in Florida

Mail fraud falls under a very complex section of the United States Code but can generally be defined as a scheme to defraud either a person or an entity, such as a business or organization, of money or property and involves the use of the United States Postal Service or a commercial carrier. Basically, if a fraudulent scheme involves sending letters or packages, the federal crime of mail fraud has occurred.

Mailing false documents certainly falls under the category of mail fraud but so does mailing any package or letter related to any act of bank fraud such as a falsified mortgage application. Mail fraud charges are commonly used by federal prosecutors as a key component of building white collar crime cases. The laws surrounding mail fraud cases are very confusing. If you have been charged with mail fraud it is absolutely critical that you contact a proven Tampa federal defense attorney right away.

A mail fraud conviction in federal court can result in major fines in addition to a lengthy prison sentence. Each piece of mail or each package sent is considered a separate count of mail fraud. Federal prosecutors will aggressively pursue their case against you and seek the harshest penalties. Being charged with mail fraud can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience. Do not fight this battle alone. At Taracks & Associates, our firm will stand up for you and aggressively fight for your rights. We will not let you be intimidated.

Defending Mail Fraud Charges in FL

If you are facing mail fraud charges your entire future may be at stake. Not only is facing criminal charges an embarrassing situation that affects the relationships you have with your family and you’re your community, a criminal conviction can result in harsh penalties. A criminal record can prevent you from getting a job or applying for credit. Our insightful lawyer may be able to deliver a defense strategy that protects your rights and your future. In many cases, mail fraud may be alleged based on a misinterpretation or confusion.

The prosecutor must show that you intentionally and willfully participated in a fraud for the purpose of unlawfully gaining money or property. When your future is on the line, you need to feel confident that you are being professionally represented by a skilled advocate who thoroughly understands federal mail fraud cases. Our firm has the experience you can trust in. We will methodically dissect your case to resourcefully determine all of your legal options. Our committed Tampa mail fraud attorney has over 30 years of experience successfully achieving optimal results for our clients. We will tirelessly pursue the best possible outcome for you.

If you have been charged with mail fraud it is critical that you contact a Tampa mail fraud defense attorney from our reliable firm as soon as you can.

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