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Is Armed Robbery a Federal Crime?

Armed robbery is a federal crime. Due to the potential for serious harm, armed robbery is prosecuted very fiercely in the court of law. When an individual uses a weapon to aide in a robbery, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges may instantly assume that the individual in question intended to use that weapon. Even if that weapon was never fired or used to harm others, it is understood that should the situation call for it, you would have used that weapon to harm others. If you have been arrested or stand accused of committing armed robbery, it is essential that you hire a Tampa armed robbery attorney now.

Defenses for Armed Robbery Charges

In cases involving armed robbery, establishing the intended use of a weapon is very important. If an individual can convincingly show that the weapon was never intended for use, that person could face a lighter sentence or reduced charges. A skilled and knowledgeable Tampa armed robbery attorney will be able to build a case to help you establish your intention and explain your side of the story.

An important factor in establishing the intent behind the use of a weapon during a robbery can be the type of weapon you used. If you were caught using a firearm to assist in the crime attributed to you, whether that gun was loaded or not can have a strong effect on the outcome of your case. It is also important to know that many items can be considered weapons if used in a threatening way during the crime.

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At Taracks & Associates, our armed robbery lawyer in Tampa is well-versed in the laws and circumstances surrounding armed robbery cases. No matter how serious or hopeless you think your situation may be, it is important to know that our Tampa armed robbery attorney has helped clients through many different types of armed robbery cases. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that we know how the legal system works and how to win for you the best verdict possible considering the circumstances of your case.

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