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Facing charges of fraud is a precarious situation for the accused. In some cases, the charges are completely false, and yet this must be proven in court in order to avoid facing punishment. There are many types of fraud and a large number of fraud offenses are charged at the federal level. The federal court system is made up of some of the toughest prosecutors and law enforcement teams in the country, and you can be assured that if you are charged, they intend to convict you.

Whether you are guilty of the crime or not is not their concern; you are just another number. When facing these odds, you want to ensure that you have the support of an equally determined and capable Tampa federal defense lawyer fighting for you every step of the way. Our legal team is exceptionally dedicated and energetic in defending cases in federal court.

Types of Fraud

There are a number of types of serious fraud charges, each with specific penalties. Our legal team at Taracks & Associates defends all types of fraud crimes, including the following:

When fighting to defend our clients, our first step is a full evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the accusations, and all evidence against our client. There are so many possible errors in police procedure, arrest procedure, violations of rights and other matters, that with a painstaking review of the evidence we are frequently able to find serious flaws in the case. These flaws are energetically exploited in the defense of our client. If a court challenge can be filed to suppress evidence that will be immediately drafted and filed. Our Tampa fraud attorney is always seeking out the options to protect the best interests of our clients, and are well aware of how import the outcome of the case is.

Taracks & Associates

You will be defended by a legal team that has a background as a prosecuting attorney, and all the insight that this experience brings to the case. Knowing how the prosecution operates is a strong advantage, and staying one step ahead can lead to a better outcome in your case. We will aggressively challenge the evidence against you, and protect you from the moment of your arrest.

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