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Shoplifting may seem to be a lesser crime but it can have very serious consequences for an individual. It is a crime of theft and prosecuted under the law as any theft or act of stealing would be. Although words such as theft, robbery or burglary might seem to be of a different nature the fact is that anytime a person deprives a rightful owner of the use of their property or by taking things that one is not entitled to it is theft and is a crime. Depending upon the circumstances, the value of goods taken and even on the merchant the consequences of being caught shoplifting can vary immensely. Regardless this is not a light crime and can even be treated as a felony.

Often shoplifting is a first time offense and a crime committed by otherwise law abiding individuals. In any case it is likely the accused person can be feeling guilt, fear or even panic. Added to these emotions is the general unfamiliarity in dealing with the legal system. Under these circumstances mistakes can be made when a person can least afford to do so. And so it is critical that you call a knowledgeable Tampa shoplifting defense lawyer for legal help as soon as possible.

Defenses Against Shoplifting Charges in FL

If this is your first offense it may be possible to take steps that would allow for such a crime to not become part of your permanent record. There are many legal actions that must be taken to protect you as best possible. But you must engage a shoplifting defense attorney that is experienced in protecting and defending individuals charged with shoplifting. At Taracks & Associates, we have many years of fighting experience spent defending individuals against criminal charges such as shoplifting. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

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