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Motor Vehicle Theft by Force or Threatening in FL

According to Fla. Stat. § 812.133, carjacking is a theft crime that involves taking another person’s vehicle with the intention of keeping it permanently or temporarily. Carjacking is a form of larceny that involves intimidating a motorist into forfeiting his/her car. It may also involve the use of force, violence or assault to take the vehicle. If a firearm or other weapon is used during the crime, the offense may be charged as a felony.

While by no means isolated to Florida, the crime of carjacking is prosecuted with a particular degree of severity in this state due to our prominence as a tourist destination. In the past couple decades our state has seen a large increase in carjacking incidents with tourists being a major target. As a result state lawmakers have ensured that those who commit this crime are faced with very serious consequences.

Because this crime also involves the use of threats, force and possibly weapons it is carries harsher penalties than a grand theft auto charge. You will need a more powerful defense and so must employ a Tampa criminal defense lawyer for legal help as soon as possible. Our attorney at Taracks & Associates has had years of experience in helping individuals build their best possible defense cases against criminal accusations such as carjacking.

When facing felony charges it is critical that you find a law team with a background such as ours, not only with an impressive record of defending criminal cases, but with a history as a prosecutor, providing strong insight into how to operate within the criminal justice system successfully for our clients.

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Whether or not this is a first time offense the accused will be facing 1st degree felony charges and will need expert assistance in fighting for their rights. Heavy penalties, personal reputation, one’s future and the very real possibility of years in jail are all on the line. Building your courtroom defense takes time and should be started as soon as possible.

If you’ve been accused of carjacking, an attorney from Taracks & Associates is ready to give you the aggressive legal advocacy you need. At the firm, we have accumulated decades of legal experience – let us put it to work for you. As a former state prosecutor, we understand the ins and outs of the criminal prosecution.

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