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Dedicated Legal Representation Throughout Florida

When faced with criminal charges, the attorney you choose to represent you can make a great deal of difference for your future. With more than 30 years of experience on our side and an impressive record of success in defending and representing our clients, our Tampa lawyer is equipped to handle all types of cases, from DUI through to the most serious of felony offenses.

We provide the right mixture of aggressive representation and compassionate guidance when you and your family need it most, in and out of court. Contact Taracks & Associates online or by calling (813) 281-2897 today


Legal Insights To Guide You

Our approach is to provide energetic, aggressive, and dedicated representation. We truly believe that every person accused of a crime deserves a skilled Tampa Bay defense lawyer to fight for their freedom. We lend our experience and backgrounds to helping each of our clients get the best possible outcome to their case. Trust your case to our team’s hands so we can fight on your behalf.

Our Clients Benefit From Years Of Trial Experience

An essential characteristic for an attorney is trial experience. Far too many lawyers only have book knowledge and rarely, if ever, see the inside of a courtroom. In Florida’s criminal courts, our Tampa lawyer has extensive trial experience.

We know that not every matter goes to trial, but when they do, it is important that you have a lawyer who is not afraid to represent you. You can count on our experience in the following:

  • Our lawyer has served as lead attorney in hundreds of jury trials in criminal matters
  • We understand trial procedure from both sides of the courtroom
  • We have experience as a former prosecutor
  • We know how to effectively and persuasively present a case before a judge and jury
  • Barry Taracks has a history of practicing in both state and federal courts. While we primarily practice in the Tampa Bay area, we can assist you in referring you to an attorney outside of Mr. Taracks’ geographical practice.
  • We always keep your best interests, and the best interests of your family, in mind

This means that whether you are facing a state or federal offense, Taracks & Associates has the ability to come to your side, and you can trust that your case will be of the highest quality.

Comprehensive Legal Representation In Florida

The Tampa attorney at Taracks & Associates comprehensively analyzse every aspect of our clients’ case to determine the best approach to meet their legal needs. In addition, we take on criminal matters head on, aggressively challenging the credibility and reliability of the evidence against you, including lab results, witness statements, and police procedure. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Our goal is to present strong reasonable doubt by challenging the evidence the prosecution has brought against you.

Our firm provides the creative and knowledgeable legal representation. When the outcome of the case is of ultimate importance, we are resolved to seek out all viable legal options. Call (813) 281-2897 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Attorney Barry TaracksBarry Taracks / Founding Attorney

Attorney Barry Taracks, the founder of Taracks & Associates, is a former state prosecutor with years of professional experience in criminal cases. He is familiar with both sides of the courtroom and works hard to understand all of our client’s legal needs.


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