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After an arrest in Florida, you may have many things running through your mind. Going through the criminal justice system can be a frightening and intimidating prospect. It may feel like the entire world is against you. Police officers and criminal prosecutors are accusing you of things you find hard to believe. They may be threatening your ability to have a normal life if you do not take their advice and admit to whatever crimes they accuse you of committing.

You need an advocate who is truly looking out for your best interests. Rather than allowing law enforcement officers to dictate the direction of your case and how you respond, consider hiring Taracks & Associates as the criminal defense law firm you can trust to stand up for your rights and to fight for your best outcome. Our criminal defense lawyers in Florida always commit to giving our clients the personalized legal defense that they need to counteract the actions of law enforcement. We do not back down when facing tough cases, because we know what is at stake for you.

Do not just give in to the state’s prosecutors and agree to whatever they are accusing you of doing, even if they make it seem as though this is your best option. Your future is on the line, after all. If prosecutors can convince you to admit to a crime, their job becomes far easier. They are not thinking about your future. They focus more on wrapping up the case quickly. Our lawyers do focus on your future, however, as we are on your side at every step in your case. With our tireless work and thorough preparation, we will seek an outcome that is as favorable to you as possible.

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Criminal Charges Require the Full Attention of Our Attorney

Some people may be embarrassed after an arrest for an alleged crime. They may want to try to complete the case quickly, so they can simply put it behind them. However, when you are hurrying through your legal proceedings, you may not think through the consequences of pleading guilty or of admitting to the accusations police are making.

Do not take this situation lightly. You need the personalized attention to detail that our lawyer will provide for you. We treat each case with significant care, ensuring you receive the advice you need to deal with your arrest and criminal charges. Do not feel embarrassed about needing our team. We simply want to help you through this tough situation while striving for the best possible result.

Tampa FL Lawyer Barry Taracks

Why Choose Taracks & Associates?

Experience in criminal defense is highly important. Trust our 30-plus years of helping clients just like you receive the desired outcomes in their criminal cases.


What Our Clients Say

When we say that we represent our clients with personalized legal strategies that perfectly fit the circumstances of their case, we mean it. Our clients notice how our compassionate representation helps them, and they appreciate our willingness to fully discuss all aspects of their case with them, always being available to answer questions. Find out how we helped our past clients by reading our reviews.


Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Will Serve As Your Advocate

Prosecutors Know How Hard Our Attorneys Fight for Our Clients

When we are representing you during questioning from law enforcement officers, during negotiations with prosecutors, or during a trial in front of a jury or judge, we do not back down. When your freedom, reputation, and life are on the line, trust that our team of criminal defense lawyers will work as hard as we can to tell your side of the story – and to make everyone in your case listen to it.

With our 30-plus years of experience in providing criminal defense legal services for our clients, our founding attorney, Barry Taracks, knows how to help you maneuver through the legal system in Florida. Prosecutors in the area know when they are thinking about bringing charges against one of our clients that we will fight hard and prepare thoroughly for the case. They know we will never cut corners in our defense of clients, and they will need to be at their best when negotiating against us or when facing off against us in a trial.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Focus on Communication With You

As opposed to some trial lawyers who want to rush as many clients as possible through the door, we take the time to know you. We understand the importance of listening to your story, as well to your needs and hopes for the outcome of the case. Without speaking with you and understanding you, we cannot come up with the best legal strategy for your case and your situation. Through constant communication, we can ensure we are on the same page as you from start to finish. You should never have to be wondering about the status of your case, and that is why we focus so much on our responsiveness to our clients.

Our communication skills also extend to negotiations with prosecutors and to defending you in the courtroom. When your future is at stake, we need to be very clear and direct with prosecutors about what we want to see for the outcome of the case. Trust that we listen intently to what prosecutors believe they can prove about your case, and we can use that information to help us craft our legal strategy for defending you against these charges.

During a trial, it is vital for us to tell your side of the story clearly and successfully to the judge or jury, hoping to convince them of your innocence. If the jury does not understand what we are trying to say because we are using unfamiliar legal terminology, we are going to struggle to win your case. Our ability to successfully communicate and to explain things in easy-to-understand language is one of the biggest strengths of our Florida criminal defense attorney.

The Experience and Skills of Our Criminal Defense Attorney Set Our Team Apart

Our criminal defense lawyer understands the criminal justice system from all sides. Barry Taracks served previously as a criminal prosecutor. Throughout his three decades, he has gained experience managing hundreds of jury trials from both sides of the courtroom. The ability to understand the way both sides likely will approach the case gives our team insight into how the prosecution may attack the case, allowing us to come up with a defense strategy that anticipates various twists and turns that the case may experience.

Because our criminal defense attorney has been admitted to practice in both state and federal court, our team can help you with any type of criminal charges you may be facing. Not all attorneys can practice in both state and federal courtrooms. Trust that we will put our experience to use for you in the way that makes the most sense for your defense strategy. Legal proceedings in criminal matters can be complex and challenging, which is why our wide-ranging skills are so important for our clients. Our team has seen many different types of cases over the years, and we learned something important from each one that we can use to help you in your defense.

We want to hear your story. For a free, no-obligation review of your case, call Taracks & Associates today at 813-281-2897. We will be ready to begin working on your case immediately after you choose to hire us. Se habla Español.

Common Questions for Our Criminal Defense Lawyer

We understand that you have a lot of questions after suffering an arrest that leads to criminal charges. We also understand that you may not trust police and prosecutors to be completely honest with you when providing answers. After you hire our criminal defense lawyer, we take pride in always being available to answer your questions. We believe open communication is a key component to crafting your defense. Here are some common questions we hear from clients to help you understand how we handle cases.

Some people believe that their charges are not serious enough to warrant hiring an attorney. Certainly, misdemeanor crimes in Florida carry a far lower potential set of penalties than felonies, according to Fla. Stat. § 775.082. However, a misdemeanor still can result in prison time of up to one year. And if you are facing multiple charges or if you have past convictions, even a misdemeanor can result in significant other penalties that can greatly affect your life. You may lose the ability to hold certain types of jobs after a misdemeanor conviction. Our criminal defense attorney understands the importance of defending yourself vigorously against both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Yes. Simply hoping that police officers will not catch up to you or that the warrant will disappear on its own is a poor strategy. Instead, you should be proactive about dealing with the warrant. The team at Taracks & Associates can help you determine the type of warrant you are facing using information from The Florida Crime Information Center. We then can advise you on which steps we believe you should take.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Tampa will do everything we can to try to help you seek the outcome you desire. We can take on negotiations with the criminal prosecutors to try to achieve a reduction of your charges. In exchange, you would plead guilty or no contest to the reduced charges and not need to go to trial. In certain cases, we may be able to negotiate a dismissal of the charges entirely. If the prosecutor does not want to negotiate, though, you may need to go to trial to try to avoid a conviction.

Some penalties in criminal cases in Florida can involve jail or prison time. If you receive a conviction on a felony, we may not be able to avoid jail time. However, if you do not have a long criminal record and if we can negotiate with the prosecutor, we may be able to avoid jail time in exchange for a recommendation for probation, community service, alcohol counseling, and even fines, as spelled out in Fla. Stat. § 775.083. We take pride in our negotiating skills, and you can trust our Tampa criminal defense lawyers to prepare thoroughly for all negotiation sessions, as we seek your best potential outcome.

You always have the right to speak to police about your case and to give a statement. However, you also have the right to have your attorney present during any questioning, even before police officially arrest you or before prosecutors charge you with a crime. By having our criminal defense attorney present during all questioning from police, you can trust that we will protect your rights. We will not let police treat you unfairly or try to trick you into admitting to something you did not do. Police officers may tell you that having your attorney present during questioning makes you appear guilty. It does not, however. It simply prevents police from violating your rights.

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The Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust

When it comes to protecting your freedom after you suffer an arrest, nothing less than the most aggressive and experienced criminal defense team will do. You should not just sit back and hope for the best. Law enforcement officers may not be willing to listen to your side of the story, sweeping your statements under the rug.

Our criminal defense attorney will make them listen. Your story and your explanation are important to determining what really happened. Although we cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain outcome in the case, we do guarantee that we will work as hard as possible to seek the outcome you want to see. For a free consultation, reach out to Taracks & Associates as soon as possible at 813-281-2897. Se habla Español.

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