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Florida Laws on Drug Importation

Drug importation consists of the criminal act of transporting or carrying illegal drugs into another country. This is a very serious charge and is mainly brought against someone when the drug importation was on a large scale. Because drug importation charges mainly deal with crossing national borders and large-scale drug activity, they can be charged as a federal offense and penalized heavily. In such a case you need the help of a highly experienced attorney who has extensive experience in defending drug cases in federal court.

Florida Drug Importation Charges

Drug Importation charges have become increasingly severe due to the increasing amount of drugs which have been crossing national borders. In such cases, consulting a lawyer for drug possession in Tampa, FL can be crucial. Controlled substances may include the following, and more: cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription and medication. Factors which affect the severity of the charges include the amount of the drug and what type of drug.

If you are facing drug importation charges you could be made to serve years in prison, pay large fines, do community service and have a permanent criminal record which anyone can view. With the amount you have at stake, you cannot trust your case to lesser legal representation. The odds are stacked against you, but all hope is not lost. Speak with a Tampa drug crime attorney today to explore your legal options.

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Our firm focuses on criminal defense and therefore brings an added benefit to the client by supplying an excellent attorney who is always up to date and constantly working within the framework of the criminal defense system and the laws pertaining to drug offenses. Our attorney is also a former prosecutor, which means that we know what actions the prosecution may and may not take against you giving you added protection. Due to the serious nature of drug smuggling charges, you need to make sure you are getting the highest quality of legal counsel.

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