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Have you been arrested for a sex crime involving a minor in Tampa, Florida? If yes, you need to speak with our Tampa sex crimes lawyer immediately. While all sex crimes are serious offenses, Florida treats cases involving children as having an aggravating factor.

For example, while the state prescribes jail terms for adult rape, a new law permits the death penalty for child rape convicts. Besides the possibility of a death sentence and extended prison sentences, convicts may be required to pay hefty fines to the victim. They may also have to register as sex offenders and face the stigma that comes with it.

Given Florida’s zero tolerance for sex crimes against children, persons charged with such offenses need to fight it aggressively. The best way to do this is by approaching our law firm as soon as possible. At Taracks & Associates, our team of experienced child molestation defense attorneys in Tampa are determined to protect your rights.

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Types of Sex Crimes against Minors in Tampa

Various Forms of Misconduct Are Recognized as Crimes Against Children in Tampa

Sexual crimes against children in Florida include the following:

Traveling to Meet A Minor

The State’s Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act, criminalizes traveling to meet a minor to engage in an illicit sexual activity with them. Offenders in this category of sex crimes typically arrange a meeting with minors through social media, computer online services, online bulletin boards, or the like.

Lewd Or Lascivious Behaviors 

Per Florida Statute 800.04, lewd or lascivious battery refers to a sexual act involving a minor 12 and older, but under 16 years old. This is also referred to as statutory rape.

Under lewd or lascivious molestation,  the offender touches an under-16 victim’s breast, private part, or clothing covering them in a sexually offensive manner.

Meanwhile, a lewd or lascivious exhibition accuses the defendant of intentionally masturbating or exposing their genitals in the presence of a victim who is less than 16 years old. It also includes sexual bestiality, sadomasochistic abuse, and other sexual acts that don’t necessitate physical contact with the minor.

The above offenses also cover cases where the offender entices, forces, or encourages the minor to commit the sexual act.

Child Pornography

Under Florida’s statutes, child pornography includes possessing images of a child’s sexual activities with the intention to promote or view them. Sharing, downloading, uploading, storing, or sending a minor’s sexual performance is also a crime. Furthermore, persons who entice minors to participate in child pornography productions are not exempt under this law.

This overview of sexual crimes against children in Tampa is in no way exhaustive. Feel free to contact our experienced defense attorneys for more information regarding your unique case.



You Ask, We Respond

Find sufficient answers to your questions about sex crimes involving a minor in Tampa below:

What Are The Common Defenses against Child Molestation Charges in Tampa? 

An alibi is one of the most common and effective defenses to child molestation charges in Florida. Other defenses may include lack of intent, entrapment, illegal collection of evidence, and constitutional rights violations. Our attorneys can review your case to determine the appropriate defense strategies to employ.

Why Should I Choose Your Law Firm? 

The proactive defense attorneys at Taracks & Associates operate from a place of strength. Our legal team is confident of our ability to fiercely fight for your freedom by leveraging our skills and resources. We’re experienced, non-judgmental, and have a remarkable track record of successfully defending cases similar to yours.

What If I Didn’t Know The Victim Was A Child?

Sexual crimes against children are strict liability offenses in Florida. As such, ignorance about the victim’s real age is not a defense to statutory rape and other sex crimes against children. The position remains the same even when the minor lied about being a particular age.

Should I Enter A Plea Bargain? 

There’s no need to enter a plea bargain for a sex crime against minors charge if you’re innocent or there’s insufficient evidence against you. However, a plea bargain may be the best option if the prosecution’s evidence against you can amount to a conviction. Our legal team can advise you on the best approach in your case.

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In Tampa, the mere fact that you were arrested for a sex crime involving children doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty. Sometimes, prosecutors make mistakes and accuse the wrong person of an offense. In such cases, our Tampa sex crimes against children attorneys will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you’re discharged and set free. However, in the worst-case scenarios (typically when there’s overwhelming evidence against you), we’ll aggressively fight to mitigate the consequences.

So, don’t resign to fate when charged with a sex crime against children in Tampa. Instead, fight aggressively for the best possible outcomes by approaching our criminal defense law firm ASAP! We offer free consultations, and our compassionate attorneys employ the utmost discretion in handling cases like yours.

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