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Injured In a Car Accident in Tampa, FL?

Our area has increasing numbers of car accidents caused by negligent drivers, whether reckless, speeding, drunk or inattentive. The injuries suffered by innocent victims in such cases range from tragic fatal injuries through less severe but painful injuries. In any such case, it is strongly advised that you contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer from Taracks & Associates to assist in the legal process related to filing a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for damages. As each case is unique in degree of injury and costs, an analysis of your specific case should be done as soon as possible after the accident.

Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

When seeking to recover compensation for damages in a settlement, verdict or judgment, having the support of a skilled personal injury lawyer from our firm can result in a much higher settlement. Most individuals are not aware of the laws, possible damages that could be claimed or even how to proceed in such cases. Insurance adjusters frequently interview the injured or their families after an accident, and it is very important that you have legal representation prior to this interview.

As insurance companies do not represent the victim in most cases, your best interests must be protected by your own legal counsel. There may be efforts to reduce your claim and our legal team will help you to avoid the dangers of answering questions or providing information that could reduce your claim. Accepting a settlement that is too low may cause you problems in the future if you discover that your injury has not resolved and you no longer have access to the finances to pay for treatments or rehabilitation, not to mention the loss of income from work or pain and suffering.

Our firm is dedicated to assisting the injured in seeking fair and full compensation in any type of car accident case, and has extensive experience in addressing all matters surrounding such claims. Often a settlement is reached prior to a trial; some cases in which very severe injuries, such as spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, burns, disfiguring injuries, loss of limb or other catastrophic injuries a trial may be necessary in order to seek compensation that is fair. We will fully evaluate your situation and advise you how to best move forward, what to expect and the best interests and future of the injured is our utmost concern.

Contact a Tampa car accident attorney from our firm if you or a family member have been injured or lost their lives in a car accident in which another driver was at fault.

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