Domestic Violence Injunctions in Tampa, FL

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What is a Domestic Violence Injunction?

According to the Office of the State Court of Florida, a domestic violence injunction (DV Injunction) simply put is a restraining order. It is a court order to restrict a person from all the following toward another person:

  • Threatening
  • Harassing
  • Being violent

These orders are not incredibly difficult to get. An individual is only required to bring forth reasonable evidence that they have been the victim of domestic abuse or have reason to believe that they are in danger of becoming a victim.

When this injunction is granted, the individual receiving the order will likely be barred from contacting the filer by phone, email, text, letter or in person. This could also mean that a person receiving the injunction has to stay away from areas in close proximity to the filer’s workplace. Receiving a DV injunction is a civil order which means that it is not equal to a criminal charge. However, it is still legally binding and a violation of the order could justify an arrest.

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Who Can File an Injunction in Florida?

Anyone who believes that they are under threat of violence or have experienced actual violence can file an injunction. If you have had an injunction filed against yourself you are either in a relationship with the filer or had previously been in a relationship with them. This relationship could be defined as living together, dating, married, divorced or someone you are related to by blood. While the proceedings are going on, the person filing may stop the process at any time by petitioning for a voluntary dismissal.

Stopping a Restraining Order in Florida

You do not have to sit idly by and let someone file an unnecessary restraining order against you. You have every right to attempt and stop this injunction from happening. By obtaining legal representation from an experienced Tampa domestic violence injunction attorney, you can combat the evidence that the filer brought against you to receive the injunction in the first place.

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