Veterans Diversion Program

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Who Is Eligible For The Veterans Diversion Program?

If you have been a member of our armed forces and find yourself facing a DUI charge in Florida, you may be eligible to enroll in the Veterans Diversion Program. The state of Florida understands that many veterans have made profound sacrifices for our country and do not always have the resources to recover from that experience. Because of this—in certain cases—it may be possible for these veterans to avoid jail time when facing a drunk driving charge.

At Taracks & Associates, we too recognize the incredible service our military members have performed for our country and believe that they deserve certain considerations before the law. If you’re a veteran who’s been charged, our DUI defense lawyer in Tampa is ready to assess your case and ensure that your eligibility for this diversion program is compellingly put forth before the court.

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Enrollment in the Veterans Diversion Program

Any veteran in the state of Florida who is facing a non-violent, non-sexually oriented criminal charge may be eligible for the diversion program. The program is meant to recognize that our veterans often face challenges other civilians do not and that incarceration may not be the best course of rehabilitation.

When enrolled in the Veterans Diversion Program, you must:

  • Enroll in and complete recommended education programs
  • Complete a set number of hours of community service
  • Pay any victim restitution decided by the court
  • Meet with a corrections officer as scheduled

If you believe you could be eligible for the Veterans Diversion program following your DUI charge, then our team at Taracks & Associates is ready to hear from you. Our veterans DUI defense attorney in Tampa has helped thousands of clients confront the allegations against them and consistently ensured that their rights were protected and that the best possible outcome was secured. Our skilled Tampa veterans DUI defense lawyer is ready to assist you. Contact us today to request a free case evaluation.

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