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Defense for Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs

Facing charges related to possession of an illegal drug can be bad enough, but if you have been arrested for possession with the intent to distribute, your situation can quickly become much worse. What could have been as simple as a misdemeanor charge now is a guaranteed felony rap, and carries with it much steeper penalties and lifelong consequences. Carrying a criminal record that includes a possession with intent to distribute conviction can have impact on your future employment opportunities, financial stability, and adversely affect dynamics between you and your loved ones. These charges are very serious and merit a consultation with a drug crimes attorney as soon as possible.

What exactly can escalate a possession charge to possession with intent to distribute? Two key factors are the amount you are in possession of and other key materials you may have. For instance, having a smaller amount of drugs at the time of arrest can point to recreational or personal use. If the amount is greater than can be used personally, it may show intent to distribute. If you were also found to be in possession of paraphernalia like baggies or scales, or perhaps a client list or phone numbers, charges are likely to grow past simple possession. Seeking legal advice from a Tampa drug charges lawyer in such situations is crucial.

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Tampa

Having a skilled defense team is crucial in any kind of drug-related charge. Drug crimes are taken seriously in Florida, and you need an experienced attorney to help alleviate the consequences you may face if convicted. The skilled drug crime lawyer at Taracks & Associates has experience on both sides of the aisle, serving as a former drug crime prosecutor and now using that experience to help in defense of others. They will provide you with an exemplary level of service and representation.

If you have been arrested on a possession with intent to distribute charge, act now. Contact a Tampa Drug Crimes Attorney for assistance in your case.

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