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Defending Heroin Charges in Florida

Trafficking or the illegal possession of a drug such as heroin is stiffly prosecuted in Florida. Depending upon the amount in one’s possession and the circumstances surrounding its use or distribution you could be facing serious consequences.

In 1970 the Federal Government categorized various drugs into 5 groups which they called schedules. Each schedule was then assigned the various restrictions, controls and penalties according to the level of abuse or considered potential harm. The categories believed to be subject to the greatest levels of abuse were Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 drugs. Heroin is listed as a Schedule 1 drug along with drugs closely related to Heroin such as morphine, opium, oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone or any salt/derivative form or mixture of the above.

Heroin Charges and Penalties in Florida

There are several defined amount ranges which designate the level of crime and the related punitive actions that can be delivered against the offender, for example:

  • From 4 grams to 30 kilograms, a 1st degree felony
  • If it is 4 grams or more but less than 14 grams there is a mandatory 3 year imprisonment and a fine of $50,000

This level of possession can easily earn a fine of $500,000 and a mandatory term of imprisonment of 25 years.

Possession or trafficking of above 30 kilograms of this category of drug can not only include massive fines but can carry a life sentence. Should death or a lethal result be involved in this drug charge, then it can become a capital felony which carries the death penalty. In such severe cases, consulting a Tampa drug charge attorney is crucial for legal guidance and defense.

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Building a proper defense case takes tremendous experience in this type of crime and a great familiarity with the law. There is nothing simple or clear cut in examining how you were stopped, how the evidence was gathered or evaluating the severity of the crime and its associated punishment. Especially in a drug related charge, where the accused level of awareness was likely impaired at the time of arrest, it is critical to find a drug crime lawyer rapidly.

Drug related offenses are very severe and if you are under such charges you must contact a Tampa heroin defense attorney immediately for competent legal help.

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