Types of Alternative DUI Sentencing in Florida

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Alternative Sentencing for DUI in Tampa, FL

At Taracks & Associates, our goal is to get our clients’ charges reduced or dismissed completely. However, sometimes this does not happen. In the event that you are convicted for your DUI offense, there may be the possibility of an alternative to jail as a fulfillment of your sentence. Florida law does not allow for all individuals convicted of DUI to qualify for alternative sentencing, but some do. Our Tampa alternative sentencing for DUI attorney is here to ensure that those who are entitled to alternative sentencing get it. If you or someone you love has been convicted of DUI, speak with someone from our firm to learn how you might be able to qualify for alternative sentencing.

Alternative Sentencing in Tampa, Florida

There are a few different types of alternative sentences possible for those convicted of drunk driving in Florida according to the Florida drunk driving statutes § 316.193(6)(k). Jail time can be exchanged for a different type of punishment. You will still essentially be fulfilling your sentence, just in a method different than jail time. Be aware that those who are convicted of serious DUI offenses such as felony DUI or other aggravated DUI convictions may not qualify for alternative sentencing.

Day Reporting Program

This form of alternative sentencing provides intensive supervision that is geared primarily at rehabilitation rather than punishment. Individuals who enroll in this type of program will have to pay their own way, but typically the fee is relatively small. Day Reporting Program sentencing may be made available to those who are sentenced to less than 61 days imprisonment.

Electronic Monitoring Program / Work Release Programs

This type of program, often recommended by a Lawyer for DUI defense in Tampa, FL, electronically tracks those who have been convicted of DUIs. One of the major advantages to this type of program is that it allows convicted individuals to continue with life as usual rather than facing days, weeks or months in prison. Those who qualify for this program will have to wear the monitor at all times until their sentencing is up. The monitor sends records information and may restrict where the individual is permitted to go.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Residential Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment programs are actually a popular form of sentencing for those convicted of DUI. They typically involve a predetermined period of time in drug/alcohol counseling sessions as well as comprehensive evaluations. Like the day reporting programs, this form of sentencing is also geared toward rehabilitation rather than punishment to hopefully avoid recidivism.

You may not be able to avoid jail time altogether, but each case is different. Discuss yours with a Tampa attorney at Taracks & Associates to see if alternative sentencing is a possibility for you.

Contacting a Tampa Attorney for Alternative Sentencing

Our goal is to procure favorable results for our clients, and we always do everything within our power to ensure that this happens. Again, our primary goal is to see that our clients get their DUI charges reduced or dismissed. When this is not a possibility, we are still driven to make our clients’ sentencing the most favorable possible. The Tampa attorney on staff at our firm is actually a former prosecutor. How can this benefit you? If you are facing a DUI charge, not only are we able to see your case from the defense perspective, but we’ve also been on the other side. This allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of not only Florida DUI laws, but criminal court procedure in Tampa as well. Call today and receive a free case evaluation to see how our firm may be able to assist you!

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