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Identity Theft is no longer an unusual crime in Florida. The State routinely ranks in the top tier of ID theft crime incidences nationally. Within Florida the Tampa area is one of the top three statistically for number of ID thefts reported. Due to its non-violent nature this is considered a white collar crime. In today’s digital society this crime is often carried out over the internet against unknowing victims and so can be a highly complex crime to both prosecute and defend against. Without doubt anyone under suspicion or charged with identity theft should seek out a qualified Tampa iedntity theft attorney for protection and advice.

What an ID Theft Conviction in Tampa can mean

Despite the fact that these are generally non- violent crimes the many types of ID theft carry heavy consequences and penalties. Although some instances can be treated as misdemeanors it is very common for an individual to face felony charges for the misuse or illegal appropriation of another identity. The Florida law calls for mandatory jail terms in many instances of ID theft and these terms are not for months but for years.

Fighting for your Rights in Identity Theft Cases

In most cases an ID theft is committed for the purpose of monetary gain. A PIN is misappropriated or a person’s intimate personal information is used to gain access to money, property or other things of value. From a legal perspective this creates a very complex set of activities and intentions to prove in order for a case to have substance and validity. Even if such a case were never to go to trial there still remain highly involved proceedings to come to a resolution between parties.

Our legal team at Taracks & Associates is very familiar with defending such cases and can review your case and advise you as to the best course of action for the defense. It is best to choose a legal team with deep experience in defending individuals charged with the crime of identity theft. Please get the legal help you need and contact a Tampa identity theft attorney today.

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