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Can You Expunge a DUI in Florida?

Everything You Need to Know about DUI Expungement and Sealing in Florida From jail term to fines, to community service and high insurance premiums, a DUI conviction in Florida comes with overwhelmingly severe punishments. However, what many people don’t realize is that a DUI arrest, with or without conviction, has devastating long-term consequences, too. For […]

Types of Injunctions in Florida

Understanding Florida’s Five Orders of Protection Against Violence, Assault, And Stalking Do you have an injunction against you in Florida? Then you’re likely confused, surprised, frustrated, angry, or feeling a mix of these emotions. This is especially true when the injunction was granted based on the petitioner’s cooked-up stories against you. Worse still, it makes […]

Understanding The DUI Process in Florida

All You Need To Know about Florida’s DUI Procedure Were you arrested for drunk driving (DUI) in Florida? If yes, you’ve already passed through the first stage of the DUI process in the state. This means that a law enforcement official signaled you over and stopped your vehicle for a traffic violation. For this stop […]

False Accusations of Domestic Violence in Florida

Learn How to Handle False Domestic Violence Charges in Florida False accusations of domestic violence in Florida are more rampant than you may think. While Florida takes domestic violence cases seriously, the state also criminalizes lying about being domestically abused. The sad thing, however, is that Florida operates on a “preferred arrest policy” when handling […]

How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Florida

Investing in a DUI Attorney Can Positively Impact Your Future If you have been charged with a DUI in Florida, you are facing severe consequences that can affect you, your family, and your future in so many ways. In fact, even first-time offenders who are found guilty can face prison time. Because of the tangible […]

Types of DUI Charges in Florida

DUI Charges in Florida Vary Driving under the influence in Florida is a serious crime, and conviction can have a very real impact.  That said, not all DUIs are the same.  In fact, the charges do vary.  If you have been accused of driving under the influence, understanding the differences is important.  In all aspects […]

What Is Entrapment in Florida?

It happens every day in Florida: People break the law and get arrested; it’s simply a fact of life.  And to be honest, sometimes good people make bad choices. At other times, though, innocent people are tricked into breaking the law. Not only is this immoral, but it’s also illegal. It is called entrapment. In […]

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