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In the Florida criminal justice system, no criminal offense is considered more serious than ones that qualify as a capital felony (or “life felony”). When individuals are convicted of these crimes, they are not only eligible to receive a life sentence, but the death penalty can be considered, as well. That is why it is so essential to face allegations as serious as these with proven, aggressive counsel by your side.

At Taracks & Associates, our legal team not only has more than 30 years of legal experience but also consists of a former prosecutor. That means our firm knows how the state pursues these major cases and what can be done to counter those efforts. The first step is to get in contact with our experienced and trial-tested Tampa criminal defense attorney today.

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What is a Capital Felony?

In Florida, there are numerous offenses that can be considered capital or life felonies. Generally speaking, these are serious, first-degree felonies that also meet other specific statutory requirements.

For a felony to be considered a capital felony, it should either:

  • Involve the intentional killing of another person
  • Involve conduct that the offender knew would lead to a natural death
  • Involve an offender who knew their offense would likely result in a death

Some common examples of capital felonies include first-degree murder, capital sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and some instances of first-degree controlled substance trafficking, manufacturing, or importation. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, then it is absolutely imperative that you meet the state’s accusations with effective, hard-hitting counsel.

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