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Bank Fraud Charges in Florida

An arrest and conviction for bank fraud is a very serious matter that will affect the rest of your life. Bank fraud is a federal offense under Title 18 of the United States Code and can carry penalties of up to 30 years in prison in addition to $1 million dollars in fines. Federal prosecutors will aggressively pursue the harshest punishment in federal court. It is vital that you contact an experienced bank fraud lawyer in Tampa right away.

Even if you are under investigation for bank fraud you need a skilled and proven attorney from Taracks & Associates protecting your rights as soon as possible. In some instances, bank fraud investigations can be based on miscommunications, mistaken identity or planted evidence. Our talented group of lawyers is well-versed in these cases and we may be able to intervene and prevent charges from being filed. We will methodically investigate your case and utilize every resource to pursue the most favorable possible result.

Being associated with bank fraud in any way is a crime that may be fully prosecuted by federal authorities. Prosecutors have sophisticated and technologically advanced tools at their disposal to investigate bank fraud cases including money laundering, embezzlement or wire fraud. Our knowledgeable firm understands these cases and what you are facing. We may be able to help you avoid the harsh penalties of bank fraud charges. By getting our insightful and energetic firm involved as soon as you can, we will immediately get to work and ensure that your rights are steadfastly guarded by a determined advocate who is driven to achieve results for you.

Defending Against Federal Bank Fraud Charges

With over 50 years of combined experience, our Tampa brank fraud attorneys have the insight and resources required to fully analyze your case to determine the best approach to your defense. We will challenge the evidence brought forward by the prosecution. Our firm has the ability to tactfully negotiate with the prosecution seeking a lesser charge or dismissal. If necessary, we will utilize our extensive courtroom experience to tenaciously protect and defend you in court.

Contact a Tampa bank fraud lawyer from our seasoned and accomplished firm without delay to protect you from the potentially severe consequences of bank fraud charges.

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