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Florida Drug Smuggling Charges

If you have been charged with a drug smuggling offense, you should know that these are serious charges and require the most experienced attorneys available. Some types of drug smuggling and drug importation are even seen as terrorist activities and can be penalized heavily. Our firm has the experience and background which makes us a preferred choice by clients.

Sentencing for drug smuggling and importation is extremely harsh and you should seek help from only the most outstanding and knowledgeable defense attorney such as that available at our firm. Speak with a Tampa drug defense attorney immediately if you are being charged with drug smuggling.

How to Fight Drug Smuggling Charges

Our attorney, Lawyer for drug crimes in Tampa, FL, is also a former prosecutor, which gives our clients the added benefit of having someone on their side who knows how the prosecution thinks. Few firms are able to offer the legal skill that is so needed in a case such as drug smuggling. If you are charged with a federal crime you may have to deal with government agents that have already compiled evidence against you. Even if you believe you may be under investigation at this time, speak with an attorney immediately. If an attorney can get involved in your case early on, you may have a better chance of receiving reduced charges or having the charges dropped altogether.

Our firm has helped many clients who have been charged with serious drug crimes move on with their lives. In some cases we are able to get the charges dropped due to illegal search and seizure. Our Tampa drug crime defense lawyer aggressively fights for clients’ constitutional rights and their futures. It may be necessary to do a thorough investigation into the procedure which was used to gather the evidence and what actions were used during your arrest. In some cases, we are able to lessen or dismiss charges from this action alone.

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