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As a term that is commonly used to describe any and all unlawful acts that a person or group of people partake in to obstruct, impede or otherwise delay the pursuit of justice, obstruction of justice is a serious offense that can be tried federally. Being charged with any type of federal crime can have devastating consequences, including imprisonment, fines and much more personal repercussions. You will most likely lose your job and your relationships with family and friends may become strained as a result.

Obstruction of justice is an umbrella term for a variety of offenses. These offenses can include failing to report a crime, perjury, resisting arrest, aiding and abetting, threatening or intimidating jurors, contempt of court, bribing witnesses, interfering with a criminal investigation, providing a false alibi and more. The list of criminal acts that can be tried as obstruction of justice goes on, but it generally includes all criminal activity that serves to obstruct the administration of justice in any way. If you or someone you know has been accused of obstruction of justice or perjury in Tampa, do not hesitate another moment longer to call the Tampa federal defense lawyer from Taracks & Associates.

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At our office, we have garnered respect from others throughout our community for our dedicated and hard-working legal team. Providing each client with over 30 years of service in defending crimes, we are able to use our past experience to your advantage.

During an investigation, you may have misunderstood a question and provided information that has led the investigators to believe that you were lying under oath or providing a false alibi for the perpetrator. Our firm is here to dig deep into your case as we turn every stone to unveil the truth of the matter.

You can count on our Tampa criminal defense lawyer to help protect your rights, advocate your interests and to be on your side. Additionally, our firm represents clients who have been charged with any other federal offense, including extortion, forgery, espionage, conspiracy, murder, public corruption, armed robbery and hate crimes. Call us today for a consultation of your case.

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