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The State of Florida has seen a dramatic increase in the occurrence of violent crimes. Metropolitan areas such as Tampa have risen nationally into the upper ranks of acts such as such as:

The reaction by the State Legislature, politicians and law enforcement groups has been to raise police vigilance against such crimes and to stiffen judicial enforcement by a heavier use of the punishment and penalties available.

As a result it is likely you will be facing harsh prosecution when faced with a violent crime charge. Enlisting the counsel of a competent, skilled, and experienced Tampa violent crime lawyer is crucial for the proper defense of your case.

Types of Violent Crimes & Potential Penalties

A violent crime differs by definition involves force, or the threat of force, against another. While there could be many possible names given to variations of these acts of force or threatened force they fall into four basic categories:

  • Murder or manslaughter
  • A forced sexual act such as rape
  • Assault and battery, legally assault is generally the threat of force and battery is the use of physical force. This can also be called aggravated assault when the threat or use of a deadly weapon is involved
  • Robbery – such as armed robbery where the threat or the use of force is involved

Capital felonies (or “life felonies”) also generally involve some element of violence. The penalties for any conviction of a violent crime are severe. In all cases one is facing a felony charge which can stain one’s record for life. Many professional types of licenses are denied to convicted felons, employers can take a very negative view of hiring a felon and for years voting rights could be denied to you. Financial fines are steep, restitution to the victim and lengthy prison sentences are all likely outcomes of a conviction gained against you. And as Florida is a capital punishment state the death penalty is a possible factor in some circumstances.

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