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Federal Conspiracy Charges in Tampa Bay

Conspiracy is a unique allegation that makes any agreement to perpetrate a criminal offense a crime in and of itself. Being charged with conspiracy, therefore, means that an individual does not actually have to carry out the crime in order to violate the law and face charges. Under federal law, conspiracy is defined as any agreement reached by two or more individuals to commit a criminal offense.

In order for conspiracy to be charged as a federal crime, the individuals who agree to commit the offense – known as conspirators – may either agree (1) to commit a crime against the U.S. or (2) to defraud a federal agency.

Understanding Conspiracy Charges

It is important to understand that conspiracy charges may arise for different types of crimes. As federal crimes, conspiracy charges commonly involve federal drug offenses, white collar crimes, and various forms of fraud. Prosecutors may choose to pursue conspiracy charges in complex cases where there is little evidence that implicate accused individuals in a crime. Generally, conspiracy is easier to prove than the underlying criminal offense.

Penalties for conspiracy will vary from case to case. In some situations, particularly cases involving large-scale federal drug crimes, convicted individuals may face the same penalties and terms of imprisonment for conspiracy as for the underlying criminal offense. In other cases, penalties may include large fines and various terms of imprisonment in a federal penitentiary. Our legal team can help you learn more about the specific charges and penalties you face during a case evaluation.

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