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Federal Crimes

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Because federal investigators with agencies such as ATF, IRS, DEA or Secret Service are generally better trained, far more experienced, and have far greater resources than their state and local counterparts a federal investigation may go on for years before a U.S. Attorney is ready to file charges.

For this reason selecting a truly knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer with a proven track record to represent you in federal court is vital. It takes a legal team which is prepared to swing into action to investigate the circumstances of your case.


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Facing federal charges is likely the most daunting situation an individual can experience. With the vast resources available to federal investigators, the U.S. Attorney’s office can afford to take its time gathering evidence and constructing its case. Often a U.S. Attorney is ready to go to court before an arrest is made.

Don’t imagine you can talk your way out of a federal indictment – you are not in a good position to do so if arrested. Don’t talk to federal investigators at all without legal representation. If you or a loved one is connected with a federal investigation or has been arrested for a federal crime, act at once contact our firm. When the stakes could not be any higher, you will need to speak with a Tampa federal crime lawyer with the tenacity, resources, and manpower that can combat the allegations made by federal agencies and prosecutors.

Federal Criminal Cases We Handle

Listed below are some types of federal crimes that we frequently handle:

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From the time of arrest to the start of the trial is a much shorter period of time than with most state prosecutions. Acquire your defense team as it is necessary to procure and scrutinize all the evidence to identify any procedural flaws, weaknesses in informant information, interview witnesses, and other possible opportunities for the defense of your case. Since any private law firm is out-numbered when facing the federal government, experience and meticulous preparation is key in achieving a favorable result.

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