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Defense for White Collar Cases in Florida

Although a white collar crime would not normally involve violence or force there is no reason to consider the consequences to be light. The monetary fines can be enormous and the very real prospect of prison time is not uncommon. These crimes are often quite complex and require the sharp legal skills of an experienced Tampa white collar crime attorney from Taracks & Associates.

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White collar crimes are financially-motivated by nature and fall under the category of a federal crime. This means that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates them. While a white collar crime committed anywhere can be dealt with severely the prosecution and sanctions against such a crime are especially harsh in Florida.

There are two major factors for this:

  • Florida’s unique geographical location and extensive coastline makes it an attractive destination for drug trafficking
  • As a premier retirement destination, our elderly population is commonly targeted for non- violent crimes such as fraud, swindling, or deception

Additionally, cybercrimes have risen to popularity throughout the past few years. You may be facing a white collar crime that involves fraudulent activity over the internet. For example, this could be credit card information theft or another form of identity theft. Because these are federal crimes, they will be taken incredibly seriously.

Types of Financially-Motivated Crimes

There can be many different variations of what constitutes a white collar crime. Generally they are non-violent and involve some form of improper monetary gain. And as the description “white collar” suggests these crimes are often committed by individuals in trusted positions or within the business world.

Some common types are crimes committed, or conspired to be committed, such as:

  • Advance fee schemes
  • Fraud or swindling
  • Fraudulent practices
  • Intention to defraud someone or conspiring to do so
  • Issuing bad checks
  • Market manipulation
  • Misuse of a public office, such as bribery
  • Money laundering
  • Neglecting, abusing or the exploitation of disabled adults or the elderly
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Racketeering type activities, which could include that of illegal debts
  • Temporarily or permanently depriving another of his/her property or conspiring to do so
  • Other offenses committed by Public individuals or employees

Defense for White Collar Criminal Cases

Without doubt these types of charges can be highly complex. Additionally it is common for a white collar crime defense to deal with multiple types of charges as the activities under question are seldom simple. Many are considered to be felonies and so carry penalties which can include extensive prison time as well as financial penalties commensurate with the crime.

Our white collar crimes lawyer in Tampa at Taracks & Associates is known for providing energetic and aggressive defense in all types of white collar crime cases, and can advise you how our defense can proceed.

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