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Understanding Counterfeiting Laws

When a person is arrested and charges with counterfeiting, it is commonly preceded by a lengthy, in-depth investigation by state or federal investigators or both. The consequences of conviction are severe. If you are concerned that you are being investigated or you have been charged with counterfeiting it is crucial that you turn to a Tampa federal defense attorney immediately for help. Our experienced legal team has dealt with many counterfeiting cases and is prepared to take immediately action to independently investigate the charges against you.

Penalties for Counterfeiting

According to U.S.C § 471, counterfeiting is punishable by exorbitant fines, 15 years in a federal prison or both. In the United States, counterfeiting U.S. currency is a serious crime with serious consequences. If convicted of possessing counterfeit obligations with the intention of using them as counterfeited currency you may be subject to 15 years in a federal prison.

Even counterfeiting small currency – such as dimes and quarters – is considered a serious offense and punishable by years in prison and fines. Additionally, it is illegal to attempt to increase the value of a coin. If convicted of altering real coins to increase their value, you may be sentenced to five years in prison. Counterfeiting includes forging or altering checks and bonds, too.

Counterfeiting Lawyer in Tampa

Counterfeiting can include the production or possession of goods, documents and financial instruments intended to be accepted as valid or trademarked items. These can include legal tender, coins, securities, government issued documents such as public records or certificates, goods such as clothing, even controlled substances. Counterfeiting is generally considered a white collar crime which can result in state or federal charges and is sometimes accompanied by a charge of forgery or fraud. These charges are frequently brought in connection with the additional crime of identity theft or piracy of movies, CDs, videos, and more. Because of the extensive amount of investigatory work and evidence collection commonly done before charges are brought, select only a very experienced counterfeiting defense lawyer to handle your defense.

Conviction on this charge alone can result in extensive jail time as well as fines and other penalties as well as the future difficulties a convicted felon faces with housing and gaining employment afterwards. We understand that each case is unique and your entire future is at stake. Our Tampa criminal defense team has an impressive reputation in achieving successful outcomes for clients who have been charged with counterfeiting and other related offenses throughout Tampa.

Your defense begins with a discussion of the events connected with your charge with a criminal defense lawyer at our firm. Contact Taracks & Associates for a confidential consultation. If you’ve been accused of counterfeiting money or other obligations, contact us today and see what an attorney from the firm can do for you.

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