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Have you been accused of money laundering in Florida?

When a legitimate commercial enterprise is used to cover up illegal activities, federal and state law enforcement agencies get very interested. Charges of money laundering carry very severe penalties, usually filed at the federal level. The punishments can include lengthy prison sentences and huge fines, up to 20 years and $500,000. The money laundering charges usually will be accompanied by other charges such as wire fraud and bank fraud, each with their own severe penalties.

Such an offense is very serious and requires the immediate assistance of a qualified criminal defense lawyer familiar with defending federal charges. Our former prosecuting attorney has outstanding courtroom abilities and extensive experience in defending cases in federal court, and should immediately review the details of your case.

Money Laundering Defense Lawyer in Tampa

With a complete analysis of the case, our legal team can advise you how the defense will approach your case. There are often many strong options that can help in leading to a dismissed or reduced charge. As there could be others parties that had access to the finances or computers involved in the transactions that are under investigation, proving this access can be an important factor in defending our client.

In other cases, the commercial enterprise is fully legitimate and it can be proven with the assistance of a forensic accountant who can provide the evidence to seek to exonerate our accused client. Charges of money laundering are only allegations; you are innocent until proven guilty, and “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the burden of the prosecuting attorney. We will aggressively challenge all evidence and violations of rights in your case.

When facing federal charges, you are up against some tough professionals, with almost unlimited resources. It is vital that you have an equally powerful and dedicated defense lawyer fighting for your side in any such case. Our legal team is proud of our energetic and aggressive approach to defending our clients, and we have an impressive record of success in court. Contact our firm from our firm at once if you have been accused of this crime, or are under investigation.

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