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Your Future is Too Important to Risk

If you are being charged with reckless driving in Tampa, you should understand that it is a very serious crime.  You may be looking at jail time, heavy fines, and a criminal record.  Of course, mistakes do happen, and you will want to hire a Tampa reckless driving lawyer to defend you in court against a powerful prosecutor who will want you to get the maximum penalties.

The Tampa reckless driving attorneys at Taracks & Associates are ready to look at your case.  We have been defending the accused for many years and know what it takes to go up against tough prosecutors.  We truly care about our clients and understand that you are full of anxiety because of the charges against you.  We are there to relieve that stress and to attempt to lessen the charges against you, or have them thrown out entirely.  So, give us a call at 813-281-2897 for your free consultation and case review.

Why Choose Us?

Hiring a knowledgeable and dedicated Tampa reckless driving lawyer is very important when defending your case and challenging the accusations against you.  At Taracks & Associates, we know how to best defend your case.  Some of the reasons to choose us include:

  • Our team includes a former prosecutor who understands the methods used by the prosecution in an attempt to prove your guilt. We use that knowledge to strongly defend you.
  • Barry Taracks has a history of practicing in both state and federal courts. While we primarily practice in the Tampa Bay area, we can assist you in referring you to an attorney outside of Mr. Taracks’ geographical practice.
  • Barry Taracks has handled over 180 jury trials and has helped more than 10,000 clients throughout his career.
  • We have garnered many positive reviews from our former clients.
  • We have landed many victories for our clients, both in and out of court.

If you have been accused of reckless driving in Tampa, you shouldn’t defend your case without proper representation.  Give the Tampa reckless driving attorney a call today at 813-281-2897.  Your initial consultation is free.

How a Tampa Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Help You

We have seen many times that a person who is accused of reckless driving in Tampa thinks that they can handle their defense on their own, without a lawyer to help.  This is a mistake.  The state’s prosecutors are tough opponents, and you only get one shot to defend yourself in a court of law.

Some of the ways that the reckless driving lawyer at Taracks & Associates will help you are:

  • Meet with you to discuss the specifics of your case and how we can defend you.
  • Interview any witnesses to the reckless driving event.
  • Review any pictures or videos that were taken at the scene.
  • Read through the police reports that were issued at the time of the event.
  • Discuss your case with prosecutors and hopefully come to a fair settlement that is right for you.
  • Vigorously defend your case in court.
  • Make sure that your rights are defended and use our knowledge from past cases to help prove the prosecution wrong.

Going up against a tough prosecutor should not be taken lightly.  Your future is at stake, and hiring the wrong lawyer or defending yourself could be disastrous.  Taracks & Associates is your trusted Tampa reckless driving lawyer.  Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation.

What Is Reckless Driving in Tampa?

Florida statute 316.192 defines reckless driving as “any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.”  Also, you can be charged with reckless driving if you flee a law enforcement officer in a motor vehicle.  The term “willful” means that the driver drove that way intentionally and on purpose.  Also, “wanton” means that the driver was recklessly indifferent and knew that they could cause damage to individuals and/or property.

Penalties For Reckless Driving in Tampa

The penalties for reckless driving in Tampa are as follows:

  • First Offense – A fine of $25 to $500, up to 90 days in jail, and probation of up to 6 months.
  • First Offense plus damage to a person or property – A fine of up to $1,000, up to a year in jail, and probation of up to a year.
  • Second Offense – A fine of $50 to $1,000, up to 6 months in jail, and probation up to 6 months.
  • Second Offense plus damage to a person or property – A fine of up to $5,000, up to 5 years in jail, and probation of up to 5 years.

Defenses To Use for Reckless Driving

When you are accused of reckless driving, your Tampa reckless driving lawyer can use a myriad of strategies that may help in getting your case thrown out by the judge.  Some of the defenses that we have used in the past include:

  • You were not the driver of the vehicle – The prosecution must prove that you were the driver of the car beyond a reasonable doubt.  If you let someone borrow your car, or the person in the car produces your driver’s license, but you were not in the vehicle, this could be a cause for dismissal.
  • Your driving was not considered reckless under the law – Florida’s reckless driving law is very specific.  Your reckless driving lawyer can argue that, while you may have been driving too fast or made a bad decision, that doesn’t mean that your driving met the threshold for reckless driving.
  • You were distracted, not reckless – There are many distractions we deal with when driving, such as changing the station on the radio or talking on the phone.  While this might be considered dangerous, your lawyer can argue that it was not reckless driving under Florida law.
  • You had a good reason to be driving recklessly – You might have been in a situation to be driving the way you were; perhaps you were being chased or you had a medical emergency and needed to get to the hospital right away.  Your lawyer can use this as a defense to combat the reckless driving charge.

A well-trained and experienced Tampa reckless driving attorney knows the many strategies that can be used to help get your case thrown out. Remember, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and any holes in their case can be used to your advantage.  Our reckless driver lawyer at Taracks & Associates can help.

Your Tampa Reckless Driving Attorneys Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have spoken to many clients about their cases and have been asked many of the same common questions.  While we know that your case is unique, there are some underlying questions that you may have that are common in all reckless driving cases.

Will I Lose My License if I am Found Guilty?

That is a possibility, but it will depend on the charges against you and whether this is your first offense. You will probably get points on your license, but it may not be revoked.

Will My Reckless Driving Charge be on my Permanent Driving Record?

Unless the charges against you get expunged or sealed, your charge will be on your driving record for 75 years, which is basically your entire life.  This is another reason not to represent yourself in court.

Is Reckless Driving a Felony in Tampa?

That depends on the circumstances of the incident.  In some cases, a reckless driving charge is a felony, but in others it can be considered a misdemeanor.

Is Reckless Driving the Same as Careless Driving?

No.  Careless driving is not a criminal offense; reckless driving is a harsher charge and is considered a criminal offense.

Can a Reckless Driving Charge Be Reduced?

Possibly, depending on the circumstances.  If you can poke holes in the prosecutor’s case, you may be able to get the charges reduced to careless driving or possibly dismissed altogether.

Call Taracks & Associates Today To Discuss Your Reckless Driving Charges

Being charged with reckless driving in Tampa can be life-changing if you are convicted.  It will stay with you for the rest of your life and can affect your job, your relationships, and your freedom.  You may have made one mistake by driving recklessly, but don’t make another mistake by representing yourself in court or by hiring a lawyer with no experience in this area.

The Tampa reckless driving lawyers at Taracks & Associates have been defending clients in this area of law for over 30 years and we have the results to prove it.  Our clients have expressed satisfaction in our representation and many have told us that their lives were saved because of our work.

If you have been accused of reckless driving, give us a call today at 813-281-2897 for a free consultation and case review.  In the end, you will be glad you did.

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