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Mortgage Fraud Charges in Florida

When you buy or build a home you have to file for a mortgage. These mortgage statements and contracts are very important as they represent the large amounts of money you will be borrowing from a bank or lending organization. If you purposefully put false information on any of these legally binding contracts you can be charged with mortgage fraud.

The cause of most mortgage fraud charges is an individual’s inability to secure a loan without false information. Poor credit records, past personal records or lack of funds can hinder many from obtaining the loan they desire or any amount at all. Falsifying any information on your mortgage loan application can result in felony charges.

You must contact a Tampa mortgage fraud attorney to receive high quality legal representation for your mortgage fraud charge.

Mortgage Fraud Penalties in FL

Mortgage fraud is very serious and convictions are often pursued by federal officials. Punishments upon conviction can include lengthy prison sentences, fines to repay what you borrowed, damages you caused and a permanent felony charge on your record. Our Tampa mortgage fraud lawyer can help you. We possess the necessary experience, over 30 years, and knowledge of the Florida legal system to build a defense for you. We will review all of your documentation and determine what options you may have available. Our firm has represented thousands of clients and we know exactly what to look for in mortgage fraud cases. Mistakes do happen and if you believe that your inaccurate mortgage paperwork was a mistake, we can seek a negotiation with prosecutors to determine if a deal can be made.

You may have provided false information to please a loved one with a beautiful home but these loving actions can provide harsh consequences. Our law firm will defend you in court. We will fight to ensure your rights and best interests are protected. Our legal team will stand behind you throughout the entire legal process and provide you with the professional representation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been charged with mortgage fraud, you must contact a Tampa mortgage fraud defense attorney to receive dedicated legal representation and sound legal advice.

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