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Arrested for Cocaine in Tampa, FL?

As a former State Prosecutor, our law firm at Taracks & Associates has the experience and determination to fight your cocaine related drug charges. Florida remains one of the toughest States in the Nation when it comes to fighting drug usage, possession, manufacture or distribution. It requires an expert strategy and can be very time sensitive in order to take best advantage of every opportunity to build your defense.

In the last decade the changes as the result of the Patriot Act have made vigilance against drug crimes, particularly distribution or trafficking, a prominent target of law enforcement. Your property and personal belongings can be attached, enormous fines can be levied and the mandatory prison terms run into years, at times up to a life sentence. Enlisting the counsel of a Tampa drug defense lawyer as soon as possible is very important to the success of your case. Call our team at Taracks & Associates today to learn how we can help with your case!

Florida Cocaine Penalties

These types of crimes are considered felony violations and so carry harsh penalties. Even a small quantity confiscated in possession can lead to minimum mandatory prison terms of 3 years and can carry minimum fines of $50,000. Neither of these is a light penalty and they can negatively impact an individual for the rest of their lives. If this is your first offense or you have a clean history then there are other possible actions to be taken in your defense.

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If you are under arrest or on bail for a drug related offense, there are strategies to be followed and actions to be taken with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. It requires a precise knowledge of the law, legal proceedings and the actions to be taken to best protect you and your rights. A key element is an in depth examination of how the arrest took place, how the evidence was obtained and the general circumstances surrounding the incident. How you were arrested, what is the nature and validity of the evidence or examining the issue of probable cause are just a few of what we need to thoroughly examine in order to best defend you.

But the thing you must not do is hesitate or delay to contact a Tampa cocaine defense lawyer. Your help must start today.

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