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Public Corruption Charge

Public officials are required to perform their duties honorably and any breach of that duty or abuse of their power can be classified as public corruption. They cannot require, demand, consider or accept anything of monetary value in exchange for influence over their duties. Federal, state and even local public officials can be charged with this crime. The repercussions of the charge are very serious and a Tampa federal defense attorney must be contacted so you can gain professional legal representation.

Public Corruption Defense

Any public official that is elected, appointed by their peers or hired must act and perform their duties in an unbiased fashion. Bribes and blackmail are the two most common types of public corruption charges. This is a very serious charge as you can face extended prison sentences and large fines. Our legal team at Taracks & Associates is experienced in public corruption cases. We have over 30 years of criminal defense experience and are our proud of our firms twenty solid years of success. The thousands of cases we have handled speak to our determination and hard work we employ to every client we represent.

Our firm always seeks to reduce your charge or have it dropped altogether. Our Tampa public corruption attorney will look through every detail of your case to determine the best course of action. Public corruption charges often require numerous interviews to be conducted with various parties. We can take legal action on your behalf and speak with parties that may have been involved in your case. Thorough note taking and tenacious cross-examining will be conducted to ensure your cases credibility.

We represent every client aggressively in court. You cannot afford to fight this battle without legal representation. Our legal team will conduct all of the research necessary for a proper defense to be formed. As a public official, you may receive excessive media coverage on your case. We will fight to protect your rights, best interests and reputation. Whether your case reaches trial or is settled in negotiation, we will stand by your side throughout the entire process.

If you are a public official and have been charged with public corruption, you must contact a Tampa public corruption defense lawyer to receive the dedication legal representation you will require.

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