What You Should Know If You Were Served With A DVI

What is a Temporary Injunction?

If you were served with a court order called a “temporary injunction,” it is first important to know that this order remains in effect until resolved at a court hearing. The order may be extended to a permanent injunction at that hearing if the other party is able to prove that you did commit or threaten to commit acts of domestic violence.

A temporary injunction is a civil injunction and is not a criminal charge; however a violation of an injunction is a criminal offense. A temporary injunction means that a Judge has ordered that you DO NOT contact the other person in this case by phone, email, text message, gift, or through a third party. You may not even have contact if the other party contacts you first.

What Happens Next?

At the hearing, the other party must prove you committed or threatened to commit acts of domestic violence. Domestic violence may include harassment and/or stalking. If a permanent injunction is issued against you, it is enforceable in all 50 states. Your ability to purchase and/or possess firearms is affected. Additionally, your professional licenses or admission into school, certain employment areas, or the military may be affected. Worse yet, without proper legal representation, such as a Tampa criminal defense attorney, you may be prohibited from entry into your home, or contact with your spouse or children.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An experienced attorney with our firm can meet with you free of charge to review the allegations agaisnt you. We will help you build a defense and prepare for the trial in the days leading up to the hearing. Our firm routinely handles domestic violence injunctions for both petitioners and respondents, so we know how the process works and how to defend you against these serious allegations. We will fight to help you keep your children and home when necessary. Call us today for a free, confidential consutation at 813-281-2897.

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