Month: May 2013

Be Careful This Holiday Weekend

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has advertised increased patrol this Sunday, May 26, and Monday, May 27 as part of Operation 3D in the Tampa area. The goal is to minimize DUI related incidents. However, this sort of patrol often leads to improper DUI arrests on drivers who are not over the legal limit. If you […]

Can I Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Florida?

DUI Lawyers are often asked a question by friends and clients – “If I am pulled over for DUI, what happens if I refuse to provide a breath sample?” The debate is often whether or not it is better for a driver to “blow”, or submit to a breath sample, or to refuse to provide […]

$5000 Civil Penalty Assessed on Solicitation of Prostitution Cases!

Beginning in 2013, the “civil penalty” for solicitation of prostitution has been increased from $500.00 to $5,250.00. This astronomical hike in price was obviously created as a tax / deterrent to prevent people from soliciting a prostitute. This means that if you plea to solicitation, you will be required to pay this huge fine! This […]

Tampa PD Impounding Cars Used in Prostitution Sting

Under City of Tampa Code Section 14-30, vehicles used in prostitution or misdemeanor drug (marijuana) busts can be impounded by the City. The impounding officer completes a form called “Notice of Impoundment of Motor Vehicle” and provides a copy to the person accused of the crime. Once the intake procedure at the intake lot […]

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