Month: July 2014

What are field sobriety exercises in a DUI case?

Hillsborough County Florida has one of the highest DUI arrests in the country. Between checkpoints, officers stopping for traffic violations, and people getting into crashes; DUI arrests are commonplace. When an officer conducts a DUI arrest, they are required to go through certain procedures. One of the things officers want someone who they believe is […]

Street Racing Laws in Tampa, Florida

What are the Street Racing Laws in Florida? In Florida, street racing, also known as “Highway Racing”, is a crime pursuant to Statute 316.191. According to the statute: “A person may not: (a) Drive any motor vehicle, including any motorcycle, in any race, speed competition or contest, drag race or acceleration contest, […]

Is Sexting a Crime in Florida? We Can Help You Understand.

Technology is evolving daily. With improvements in computers and cell phones, sexting has become very prevalent in society today. In Florida, sexting may be considered a crime if committed by a minor. Under Florida statute, a minor may face penalties for sexting, ranging from a noncriminal offence and community service hours, a misdemeanor in the […]

How Do I Expunge My Criminal Record

Many people have never been in trouble with the law. When someone goes through the legal proceedings, they are often overwhelmed and having a lawyer who is in court every day and knowledgeable about the law plays an important role in helping someone get through this process. Sometimes, a lawyer can work with the State […]

Warrant in Florida? Live Out of State? We Can Help.

Do you have an outstanding warrant in Florida, but live out of state? If so, an attorney with our firm can help. In many instances we can negotiate with the State in order to resolve your case without you ever having to be present in Florida. Because there are lots of tourists who come to […]

Federal Prostitution / Human Trafficking Charges

Have you been charged with a federal crime related to prostitution? When a person (male or female) under the age of eighteen is transported across state lines for the purpose of committing sexual acts, the accused will likely be charged in federal court. The exploitation of children for prostitution / human trafficking purposes are matters […]

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Tampa, Florida

In Florida, a person can be arrested and charged with the crime of “possession of drug paraphernalia” for a number of reasons. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor offense; however it does often carry serious penalties. What is the definition of “possession of drug paraphernalia?” In Florida, possession of drug paraphernalia is defined as […]

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