Month: March 2011

What is the Florida Accident Report Privilege?

Drivers who are involved in reported or alleged motor vehicle accidents have a legal duty to provide law enforcement officers with their name, address, driver license, and other relevant information under Florida Statute 316.062. To ensure that this requirement does not infringe on constitutional rights or protections (i.e.; 5th Amendment protection against self incrimination), […]

“When Is Consent Not Really Consent?”

Often times people are arrested after they give consent to be searched by law enforcement, and drugs, paraphernalia, or other tangible evidence turns up. In many cases, the “consent” that person gave is a product of police intimidation or coercion. These situations typically have two possible outcomes: the Defendant is found guilty because he […]

AK-47 Stolen From Ray’s Longoria

On Saturday a break in at Tampa Bay Ray’s star Evan Longoria’s spring training rental home resulted in the loss of his AK-47 rifle, reports say. The thief entered an unlocked window between 9 AM and 3 PM while the players who rented the home together were at a game. Multiple items were taken including […]

Former UCF Star Joseph Burnett Arrested

Former UCF Star and now NY Giant Joseph Burnett was charged with DUI last week, reports say. Burnett was arrested by Orlando Police after submitting to “Field Sobriety Exercises” where the police conducted roadside tests (traditionally the “walk-and-turn” and “one-leg-stand” tests.) Police indicated that Burnett failed these tests; however he gave breath samples under […]

Vehicle or Property Forfeiture in Florida

Under Florida Statute 932.703, any contraband article, vessel, motor vehicle, aircraft, other personal property or real property used in violation of any provision of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act may be seized and forfeited subject to the provisions of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act. A similar provision under federal law is known as the Comprehensive […]

Definitions of Criminal Law Terms

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used criminal law terms. If you have a question regarding your case or a specific term, please call a Tampa Bay criminal defense lawyer at Taracks & Associates. We will be happy to answer your question and evaluate your case free of charge. Dial […]

How Do I Apply for a Hardship License After a Lifetime Florida Driver License Revocation for a 4th DUI?

If you have had your Florida Driver License permanently revoked after a fourth (4th) DUI, you may be eligible to apply for a hardship business or employment license. Under Florida Statute 322.271, you are eligible for an employment hardship license ten (10) years after your revocation before October, 2011; after October of this year […]

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