Month: July 2011

Tampa Man Arrested on Child Porn Charges

A Tampa man has been arrested for possession of 15 or more images on his home computer of young children engaged in sex acts, HCSO is reporting. Deputies arrested the man, age 35, on Wednesday. He has been charged with 15 counts and remains in jail with a $112,500 bond. The man has been […]

Casey Anthony Defense Team Bills State $147,000

TBO is reporting that Casey Anthony’s defense team is billing the State approximately $147k after she was declared indigent earlier this week. The costs are associated to paying witnesses, health evaluations, court reporters, and other trial related costs. To date the State of Florida has paid $118k of these costs. ABC News paid the Anthony […]

Are Bath Salts Legal in Florida?

There is a new drug being used and abused across the nation called “bath salts.” Over half the County now makes the use and possession of these salts illegal, and Florida is no exception. In January of 2011, Attorney General Pam Bondi issued an emergency order making it a felony to sell or possess the […]

Breathalyzer Results Are Not Accurate

Hillsborough Judges are deciding whether or not Intoxilyzer 8000 results should be admissible in court following research by experts indicating that the machine may not be reliable. DUI expert witness Stephen Daniels was quoted on 10 News Tampa Bay recently stating that in hundreds of tests no breath volume was reported, which raises the […]

Soliciting Prostitution

Prostitution is a serious crime in Florida. The crime is, perhaps, taken even more serious in Tampa given our reputation for strip clubs. Local law enforcement agencies look to crack down on both prostitutes and their clients in an effort to keep the city clean and avoid an even worse reputation. Generally speaking, prostitution offenses […]

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