Month: September 2013

Hillsborough County Noise Control Ordinance

§ 36-429 of the Hillsborough County municipal codes is the official noise control ordinance. According to this ordinance, anyone can be cited for a noise violation if they: Make a noise disturbance that injures or endangers others; Make a noise disturbance that is unreasonably loud, disturbing or an overall nuisance; Make a noise […]

Vicious Animal Citations in Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County Ordinance 6-27 Section 9-A governs “Vicious animals and dangerous dogs.” In Hillsborough County: “No person shall allow a companion animal, when unprovoked, to bite, attack, endanger, or inflict injury on a human, domestic animal, or livestock while on public or private property; or chase or approach an individual upon the streets, sidewalks, or […]

Chemical Test Laws in Florida

In the state of Florida, everyone who has been lawfully arrested under suspicion of drunk or drugged driving is required by law to submit to a chemical test. This test can be either a breath test, a blood test or in some rare cases a urine test. All chemical testing instruments are to be […]

Tampa Public Assistance Fraud Lawyer

Recently, we have seen a rise in the amount of Tampa Bay area residents being accused of Public Assistance Fraud, also known as Welfare Fraud. It is our belief that during the recession, many people relied on government assistance to make ends meet. Now, the Florida Department of Financial Services is investigating people whose applications […]

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