Month: June 2011

Tampa Racing Ticket Lawyer

Racing on the highway, or “street racing” as it is often called, is a misdemeanor criminal traffic offense governed by Florida law. Racing can involve any number of different types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and SUV’s. A conviction for street racing carries considerable penalties, including suspension of your Florida driver license and increased […]

Driving While License Suspended DWLS Lawyer

Driving While License Suspended, also known as DWLS, is a serious charge in Florida. DWLS is a very common charge, impacting many people across the Tampa Bay area every year. Recently Tampa criminal defense attorney Barry Taracks, senior partner at Taracks & Associates, sat down with us to discuss how DWLS can have a serious […]

Clermont Sex Sting

Thirty-two men were arrested in a sex sting based out of Clermont earlier this week. Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies posed as children in various chatrooms where they pretended to want to have sex with adults. The suspects allegedly brought condoms, lubricant, candy, and alcohol to meet with the children. These sex stings are becoming increasingly […]

What Does Lewd and Lascivious Mean?

Florida Statutes Chapter 800 defines various sex crimes, including Statute 800.02 “Unnatural and lascivious act”; 800.03 “Exposure of sexual organs”; 800.04 “Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age”; and 800.09 “Lewd or lascivious exhibition in the presence of an employee”. These laws carry […]

Supreme Court Says DMV Cannot Take Your License

The Supreme Court of Florida handed down an opinion last week changing the face of DMV Administrative Hearings as we know them. Until this decision, if an officer made an illegal, or “bad”, stop of a vehicle, the DMV could still suspend that driver’s license if he or she was found to have blown […]

Apple to Remove DUI Apps from App Store Today

In response to pressure from the federal government, Apple has decided to remove all DUI Checkpoint Apps from the App Store as of today. Some Apps may still be available, as Apple has given the developers of these applications a few extra days to become compliant with the new rules. Google, on the other […]

Man Posing as Office Sexually Molests Woman

A Tampa man has been arrested after he allegedly posed as an undercover officer and molested a 19 year old woman. The man forced the woman into his vehicle and then sexually molested her. Police obtained an ATM photo and bank info on the man and the victim identified him through a photo. The […]

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