Year: 2014

Polk County Human Trafficking & Prostitution Sting

This past weekend Polk County Sheriff’s Office conducted a sting operation that resulted in 61 arrests, including arrests for prostitution and solicitation of prostitution, as well as derriving proceeds from prostitution. The sting was conducted online with officers posing as prostitues as well as potential ‘clients.’ Both of these crimes are misdemeanor criminal offenses carrying […]

The Jimmy Rice Act – Florida Attorney Blog

On January 1, 1999 the Florida legislature shocked people by enacting the Jimmy Ryce Act. The Act defined people as “sexually violent predators” and allowed for people to be involuntarily and indefinitely civilly committed based off an abnormality that needed to be treated. The crux in this Act, allowed for the person to finish their […]

TGR Attorney Frank Kerney Interviewed by TBO

TGR Attorney Frank Kerney was interviewed by Tampa Bay Online regarding one of his cases. Kerney represented a ride-sharing driver and was able to get the state to dismiss the charges against his client. But prosecutors announced earlier this month that they had dropped the criminal case against Kazemi. “They couldn’t prove the charge,” […]

Students Should Be Cautious of Underage Drinking Stings at Tailgate Parties

The college school year has started up again in the fall semester. With the fall comes football, and tailgating. Many college students are underage, but still participate in the tailgating events. Accordingly, police officers (both undercover and in full uniform) are patrolling these events. Some charges that usually arise out of football tailgating are: underage […]

Attorney Frank Kerney Represents Uber Driver

Frank Kerny of Taracks & Associates offered to represent Daryl Rodgers, a retired U.S. Army reserve member who drives for Uber and Lyft, after learning that he was ticketed for doing his job. Rodgers was issued tickets totaling more than $700 from the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission because they say rid sharing services like […]

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