Where are the Red Light Cameras in South Tampa?

In mid 2011, the city of Tampa installed 19 new red light cameras across the city. Of those, over half are south of Hillsborough Ave. While many people are able to challenge and “beat” traditional red light tickets issued by an officer, lawyers are having more and more difficulty winning the red light camera hearings. Despite several attempts to attack the constitutionality of these citations, Courts have upheld their enforcement throughout Tampa Bay. If you receive one of these tickets and you pay the fine within 30 days, you will not be issued any points and the citation will not appear on your driving record. Below is a list of the red light camera locations in the South Tampa area.

Armenia Avenue northbound at Hillsborough

Himes Avenue southbound at Hillsborough

Lois Avenue northbound at Hillsborough

Nebraska northbound at Hillsborough

Dale Mabry Highway southbound at Gandy Boulevard and Gandy eastbound at Dale Mabry Dale Mabry

Southbound at Kennedy Boulevard and Kennedy eastbound at Dale Mabry

Manhattan Avenue southbound at Gandy

Columbus Drive westbound and eastbound at Dale Mabry

Gandy westbound and eastbound at West Shore Boulevard and West Shore northbound at Gandy

Kennedy eastbound at Ashley Drive

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