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Tampa Bay is a fun area to grow up in. Between the beaches, weather, nightlife, and community events, there are many activities for young people to enjoy. Unfortunately, far too often young people are arrested for underage drinking. In fact. this year at the annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, dozens of teenagers and 20 year old’s will be arrested for underage drinking alone.

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, also known as underage drinking, is governed under Florida Statute 562.111. Under that law, “it is unlawful for any person under the age of 21 years . . . to have in her or his possession alcoholic beverages.” This means that, if a person under 21 has a can of beer, a glass of wine, or a bottle of liquor in his or her hand, he or she can be subject to arrest. Any young person under the age of 21 who is convicted of a violation of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, which can be punishable by hundreds of dollars in fines and jail time. Additionally, the accused can be left with a criminal record, making employment or admission into college very difficult.

If you have been charged with underage drinking, it is important that you hire an experienced attorney today. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will know how to fight this charge and help you avoid fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. In fact, your lawyer may be able to not only avoid a conviction, but help you to seal or expunge your record so that employers and schools never find out about this mistake.

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