Tampa PD Impounding Cars Used in Prostitution Sting

Under City of Tampa Code Section 14-30, vehicles used in prostitution or misdemeanor drug (marijuana) busts can be impounded by the City. The impounding officer completes a form called “Notice of Impoundment of Motor Vehicle” and provides a copy to the person accused of the crime. Once the intake procedure at the intake lot is completed, the vehicle will be immediately available for release to any registered owner upon payment of a $500 penalty, plus costs for towing, administrative fees, and storage charges. Don’t be fooled by that $500 price tag – the storage and towing costs can skyrocket your bill into the thousands over just a few days!

You can, however, challenge the impoundment of the vehicle. An attorney with our firm can work with you to help you get your car back at the lowest possible price, and also help you fight the charges against you. Charges like prostitution or possession of marijuana are harmful to your reputation, and you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help keep your record clean.

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